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I bought a used car and a 3 year extended warranty for it. In small print on the BACK of the contract, it says no refunds, can only be transfered to a new buyer.

I traded the car in Saturday and called today to see about transfering it to my newer car or a prorated refund, (which I was going to apply to a warranty for the new car.)No deal! No refund, no tranfer. So I paid 1200.00 for a year! I have always bought extended warranties and either got a refund or transfered it to the newer vehicle...this is the first I have heard of no prorated refunds!

I have been pleased with extended warranties in the past, but I will just go with bigger names that refund or transfer to a new car.

Monetary Loss: $1195.

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Stay away from this company. They do not sell warranties.

They sell service contracts misrepresented as warranties. Any repair requires their advance approval including where you take the car to be assessed. They interpret the loop in logic of having to approve all repairs this way: Since you may not know what is wrong with your car, should you have it towed without calling them first, they claim you have violated the terms of your contract with them. And they will not cover the repair.

Should you call them first before you know what is wrong with the car, the will tell you where to have the car towed. But they will not tell you who their repair vendors are. They are basically despicable. And one last thing.

Periodically one of the yahoos from the company goes on-line to this site and others where consumers complain, to offer counter, ravingly positive tales of good service by the company. DON'T believe it!

Would anyone legitimate take the time to go online. log in, create an account to praise a company for doing what it is contractually obligated to do?!?!?!?


Stay away from these people go to a large car dealer like Hendrick network their warranties are transferrable and prorated. Preferred warranties are a money maker for company and dealers. Dealers double the price and who really keeps a car for 4 yes anymore.


This is company is ***. I paid big dollars for the extended warranty for up to 100K. The contract say it would prorate if I sold the car before end of contract. I have 2 years left. I called today and they said they would transfer the warranty to the next owner for $50. That is the policy for today. My contract says it would give me a prorate refund back. This company is a ripoff. I would have been if they would at least give me a few dollars back. Even $20 dollars would have been ok with.

Plus when I had to use them before, they wouldn't cover the oil intake that blew up and spill into the emission. They don't cover emission repairs. Ok. Fine but what about the oil intake. Pay for that part and labor.

You're better off putting money aside into a separate bank account for repairs. Don't purchase the extended warranty from them.


I neglected to add, an adversarial customer service practice from the minute you call. Basically, prove to them the you are not submitting a frivolous or false claim..


Well, unfortunately I fell victim too. They claim to cover vehicle repairs but only if their procedures are followed and then only at their pre determined prices for refurbished used parts.

Ans, at below retail market labor rates. A truth-in-advertisement for this company should read on their literature that "we only pay 33% of retail repairs if we approve of the repairs in advance."


:( This company is a ripoff. There are many stories online about poor customer service.


I asked them for a prorated refund and they denied me as well. This company obviously doesn't know what good customer service is.

When someone returns a service contract, they are entitled to a prorated refund. This company is bogus.

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