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I have become another victim of Preferred Warranties Inc (PWI) who blatantly refuses to pay for coverage under their agreement, while stealing thousands of dollars from unrepresented citizens with deceptive and unfair trade practices for unjust enrichment. Because it is economically infeasible for every individual affected by PWI to pursue legal action, I am gathering other victims to join us in a consumer rights class action lawsuit to get our... Read more

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My warranty cost over 3000$ used it two times they onlypay for junk yard parts rental is only for the amt.of hrs. of labor...the rest of your down time for waiting to be repaired is not paid of your rental car had a breakdown they had the car for 5 days my policy paid for 4hrs. Rental expences...what a rip off co.all the promises made selling the policy to you are lies....jerry Read more

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Just had car fixed today using Preferred Warranties... alternator was making noise.. shop called to OK fix.. $480 fix cost me $34.. pretty much just paid tax for which you are responsible for.. had 0 deductible..

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Company denied repairs on three separate occasions. On the last occasion, company recommended a different repair for a reported problem but indicated the solution would be cheaper however wasn't a covered item. Only after being reminded that the part was covered based on my plan, the company rep then indicated the recommended repair couldn't be authorized since it could fix the problem but wasn't reported as the problem. Once the dealer verified... Read more

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My Subaru broke down. It needed an engine. They denied the claim several times. First, misuse. When that was proven wrong, they claimed improper repair. I had to call the dealer to get car fixed. Dealer was great, this warranty is ***!! And they were snotty when I called. *** company. I told the dealer this, he said he will find a better company, but this company won't refund my money unless it is in first 30 days. They hung up on me when I... Read more

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WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY A EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY. You did not get a copy of your contract until you have signed the dotted line. Only to realize you are trapped and that their exclusions are completely comprehensive and subjective. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NEVER RECOVER A CLAIM. I never used my exended warrany within the first year of purchase, unfortunately I had huge radiator/coolant/blower motor malfunction THAT... Read more

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I purchased a used 02 MDX with a automotive broker in February of 2013. I knew this model MDX had a history of transmission problems but we got a great deal and the dealer said would give us the warranty at his cost. (roughly $900 for 1 yr unlimited mileage on powertrain). We took the warranty. Less than a month after getting it home the Torque Converter starting going bad. Sounded like the car was kicking in and out of overdrive when in cruise... Read more

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preffered has no pre inspection as to the vehicle they are covering. if you dont place a claim you'll never know if it was ever going to be honored. in short they take money with no intention of delivering the goods..which is "stealing"! i paid for 875.00 and called in a claim, an adjuster came out and denied a valve job due to the truck having a 4inch lift which was deemed "modified" and was told my contract was null and void. i never modified... Read more

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I have had Preferred Warranties for over 1 1/4 years now. A little upset, coincedently, everytime I call Prefered about a problem with my car, it so happens that what is said to me is "that part is not covered" I drive a 2004 BMW with much regrets of purchasing the Prefered Warranties Plus Plan. I am so disappointed. Wish I had buy a warranty with a different company. I have called and called time and time again with warranty questions and all I... Read more

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