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Preferred Warranties
Main address: 200 Pinebrook Place 17961 Orwigsburg Pa
1-800-334-4841, 1-800-548-1121, ,
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  • May 09
  • Auto
  • Washington Navy Yard, District Of Columbia
  • Extended Warranty
  • 27

Company denied repairs on three separate occasions. On the last occasion, company recommended a different repair for a reported problem but indicated the solution would be cheaper however wasn't a covered item. Only after being reminded that the part was covered based on my plan, the company rep then indicated the recommended repair couldn't be authorized since it could fix the problem but wasn't... Read more

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  • Dec 20, 2013
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Warranty Claim Denial
  • 1
  • 55

My Subaru broke down. It needed an engine. They denied the claim several times. First, misuse. When that was proven wrong, they claimed improper repair. I had to call the dealer to get car fixed. Dealer was great, this warranty is ***!! And they were snotty when I called. *** company. I told the dealer this, he said he will find a better company, but this company won't refund my money unless it... Read more

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  • Nov 25, 2013
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Extended Warranty
  • 1
  • 70

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY A EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY. You did not get a copy of your contract until you have signed the dotted line. Only to realize you are trapped and that their exclusions are completely comprehensive and subjective. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NEVER RECOVER A CLAIM. I never used my exended warrany within the first year of purchase, unfortunately I had... Read more

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  • Apr 17, 2013
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Transmission Problems
  • 2
  • 106

I purchased a used 02 MDX with a automotive broker in February of 2013. I knew this model MDX had a history of transmission problems but we got a great deal and the dealer said would give us the warranty at his cost. (roughly $900 for 1 yr unlimited mileage on powertrain). We took the warranty. Less than a month after getting it home the Torque Converter starting going bad. Sounded like the car... Read more

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  • Jun 04, 2012
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Kings Park, New York
  • Extended Auto Insurance
  • 3
  • 118

preffered has no pre inspection as to the vehicle they are covering. if you dont place a claim you'll never know if it was ever going to be honored. in short they take money with no intention of delivering the goods..which is "stealing"! i paid for 875.00 and called in a claim, an adjuster came out and denied a valve job due to the truck having a 4inch lift which was deemed "modified" and was... Read more

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  • Feb 09, 2011
  • Auto Insurance
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Extended Protection Warranty
  • 6
  • 328

On July 13, 2010, I purchased an extended protection warranty from Preferred Warranties Inc. ("Preferred") for the used vehicle that I purchased. My vehicle is a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4. The extended warranty cost me $1500, and was to cover a wide variety of items if the car broke down or needed repairs over the next 48 months or 60,000 miles. So far, I have needed to use the extended... Read more

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  • Sep 09, 2008
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Extended Warranty
  • 7
  • 143

I bought a used car and a 3 year extended warranty for it. In small print on the BACK of the contract, it says no refunds, can only be transfered to a new buyer. I traded the car in Saturday and called today to see about transfering it to my newer car or a prorated refund, (which I was going to apply to a warranty for the new car.)No deal! No refund, no tranfer. So I paid 1200.00 for a year! I... Read more

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  • Jul 10, 2008
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  • Warranty
  • 5
  • 179

This so called waranty company sells warrantys but at NO POINT can you get a refund. So if you only keep the vehicle 3 months your out the money you paid for it. You DONT even get a prorated amount you get absolutly NOTHING. I highly recommend you dont purchase it. There are GOOD warranty companies out there. This just so happens NOT to be one. So I highlt advise to read all print. I totally... Read more

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